Plans and Uncertainties

Aug 11, 2012 | 2 comments

Today we are saying a final farewell to Louise, my uncle Willard’s wife of almost forty years.  She died in New York last November but, as her daughter Penny says, she had told family ‘at least two trillion times’ that she wanted her ashes placed with Willard’s at the family plot here in Oysterville.  Today is the day.

Penny arrived from NYC yesterday with Howard, a friend who Louise looked upon as a surrogate grandson.  She had a special relationship with Howard’s triplets, now almost nine years old and who, according to Howard, were very disappointed not to be able to come along to Oysterville.  But with the magic of modern technology, he was able to Skype them last night, so New York and Oysterville were more-or-less in sync for the moment.

As for Louise, her ashes have been with us for some time – sent for safekeeping until her final wish is granted.  Nyel dug the hole yesterday and this afternoon we will take ashes and roses to say our goodbyes.  Afterwards we will have a reception here at the house.

We ‘spread the word’ about the reception the old-fashioned way – by putting an announcement in the paper.  As always with these sorts of events, I am feeling a little uncertain.  How many people will come?  Will we have enough food?  Should we count on the weather so we can be outside as well as in?  Will we remember the mosquito repellent for the cemetery?

Nyel says, “Stop stewing.  It will be what it will be.”  And I know that, but it’s my nature to worry, at least until I’ve done whatever I can to make the afternoon go smoothly.   So far, so good, though. No rain.  I think probably Louise took care of that part, herself…


  1. Stephanie Frieze

    I know how disappointed I was when practically no one came to the memorial for my cousin Debra Madden who had lived on the Peninsula for forty years, but we had a December storm against us and it looks as though you will have a fine day and a small gathering would be more intimate and anything at your house is delightful. No stewing.

  2. Anne Kepner

    Thinking of you.


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