“Plan your work; work your plan!” he said.

Nov 12, 2023 | 0 comments

John Matthews, the first school principal I ever worked with in Hayward, California, was big on lesson plans and their subsequent accomplishment.  His words of wisdom — “Plan your work and work your plan.” became words to live by for most of the teachers on his staff.  Even today, sixty-some years later, I find myself quoting his oft repeated aphorism.  And, sometimes, it morphs into another, more appropriate reminder like Mark Your Calendar!

This poster announcing my “Book Talk” at the Ocean Park Timberland Library brought John’s cogent advice into focus once again.  When I was asked by the good people at the library what topic I’d like to focus upon for my talk , I said I thought I’d give an quick overview of each of my books still in print.  And, since they number 17, and since each deals (in some way) with the history of our area, I’d try to give an overview of the books and of our history at the same time.  I must say “The History of Our Peninsula” on the poster sounds somewhat daunting.  Between now and Wednesday, I’ll be “planning my work” you betcha!  I hope you will be marking your calendars!  (And, in case you wondered, I will have books for sale afterwards if you are interested.)



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