Perfect Princess Cinderella!

Jun 22, 2020 | 0 comments

Charlie at Theatricum, 2012

I took a little bit of guff from my always PC son on the name we chose for our new Roomba.  In the instruction manual, you are asked to name your robot vacuum cleaner.  It also says that it has the capacity to recognize its name and several other words.  “Let’s call her Cinderella,” Nyel said.  “Perfect,” said I.

I, of course, mentioned her name in yesterday’s blog and had an immediate response from Charlie:  “It’s called Cinderella? Cinderella was imprisoned, starved, and forced to do menial chores by her cruel stepmother. What a terrible thing to commemorate.”

To which I countered:  “Yes, but Prince Charming rescued her and she lived happily ever after! Let’s not overthink it. It’s a fairy tale and our Cinderella is a robot. She’s happy to have such a lovely house to work in and such kind and generous employers!”

Cinderella’s Namesake

Undaunted, Charlie wrote (I’m sure in a rather demeaning tone): “You have her doing housework.”

And I, his elderly mother rejoined:  “Charles Morgan Howell IV, are you suggesting that housework is a menial chore? I don’t remember you protesting on MY behalf for all these years that I’ve been doing such menial labor! lol”

We talked about it last night again during our weekly phone call — a zoom call, actually, in which I was able to show both Charlie and Marta Princess Cinderella at work.  Charlie isn’t backing down.  Neither are the Princess and I.  And especially not Nyel who gave her the name.

Cinderella Cleaning Under The Bed

Which reminds me, after we named her I had occasion to listen to an error message.  I’m pleased to announce that it was a woman’s voice — no doubt the Princess, herself!

P.S.  My house has never been so clean!!  At least not the floors and carpets.  I can’t wait until we can hire the Ugly Step-sisters to do the dusting and laundry…



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