Oysterville’s Part-timers Here in Force

Apr 27, 2020 | 0 comments

Backyard Visitor – Photo by Tucker Wachsmuth

Letters from the County be damned!  There’s a sense of entitlement that seems to accompany the part-time residents of Oysterville.  I doubt the letters from the County did any good at all and those of us who are here all the time know better than to lodge complaints.  Full-timers are in the minority here.  We learned some time ago that we haven’t any clout.

Off With The Suet – Photo by Tucker Wachsmuth

Oysterville, of course, doesn’t have sole proprietorship when it comes to that impotent feeling of having little say in what happens “in your own backyard.”   It’s definitely a county-wide problem.  It used to be pretty much a seasonal thing.  Now…  it’s more year ’round.

Yesterday, Tucker sent some pictures along with this note:  We were so excited: we thought that Manchie bear had returned. Looking closer at the images later, we noticed that the noses from 2019 and 2020 seem a different color. It didn’t stop the bear from grabbing one of the suet feeders in his mouth and running off into the woods with our wire fence trailing after. I recovered the fence some minutes later. Of course, all of the suet was gone.

Yep!  I knew the feeling.  Probably most Peninsula full-timers do.  Those pesky part-timers come, take what they want without an aye or a nay, provide us with some picture ops, and leave us with a lot of clean-up.  To say nothing of mixed feelings.  And speaking of clean-up and mixed feelings — our two-legged part-timers are here in force, as well — Covid-19 warnings notwithstanding!  Yep!  The swallows are back!  And lots of other familiar birds, as well.

Then, this morning, part of the elk herd traveled north again, this time ankle deep in the receding tide.  Yesterday, they churned up the shoreline with their big hooves as they milled around eating something apparently delicious.  Today, though,  they were moving by at a rapid pace — no apparent interest in anything or anyone here in Oysterville,  I think that’s just fine with most of us here in town.  Sort of an “it’s nice to see you, but don’t bother staying” attitude.  Just sayin’…


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