Oysterville Never Looked So Good!

May 20, 2019 | 4 comments

Our Southeast Corner

There’s nothing like home when you’ve been away!  And if your home is Oysterville, Washington, and your return is in the merry month of May — it is lovely beyond belief!  Gigantic rhododendron “bouquets” nod at me from every direction.  They are early this year and the brisk wind is causing the blossoms to cascade to the ground in pools of bright pink and snowy white.  Only my beloved Nyel is missing to complete the perfection of Springtime in the village.

Tucker put the flags up in the churchyard this afternoon.  I didn’t realize how much I had missed them all winter.  I feel like they are my personal weather vanes.  Each time I look out our dining room and kitchen windows, I know just how the wind is blowing!

Flags Flying May 20, 2019

On my walk about the garden, I purposely avoided looking at the flower beds.  I doubt that I’ll ever be able to make up for this month of absence.  If only I could train those chickens to weed!  Never mind that the weeds must be forest-like to them, towering way above their heads.

I left Portland at first light — about 5:3o this morning — and arrived in Ilwaco in plenty of time for my early doctor’s appointment.  Then, the mail which revealed an overdue bill (and late fee) — wouldn’t you know? — but several nice notes for Nyel, too.  They are lined up on the table ready to take back with me tomorrow.

We had hoped that all Nyel’s “surprises” were over but… no such luck.  When the surgeon cleaned up his “wound” Saturday night, he sent in another blood sample for culturing.  We prayed that it would reveal nothing new.  But alas!  Nyel called with the news that it is another infection — a bad one — not what they thought it was yesterday.  Whatever it is, hospital personnel are all required to wear “hazmat regalia” so that they will not spread it around to other patients.  Nyel says visitors are not required to “suit up.”

Our Northwest Corner

So, talk of swing beds and rehab are tabled for this week, anyway.   Sorry if I offend anyone but… shit! shit! shit!  Worst of all, along with this new infection comes great pain.  He is getting morphine periodically.  I hate being here and not there; I return early tomorrow.  Yet I know I will feel helpless there, as well.


  1. Pat Wollner

    sh.. sh.. sh..!!!
    I hear you. Been there.

  2. Maureen

    I just have no words…. such a roller coaster of emotions accompany this journey! You and Nyel are loved and lifted up in prayer for continued strength, courage and healing! Hugs and safe travels back to Portland tomorrow. ?

  3. Shirley Brooks

    My prayers and blessings for you and Nyel. So sorry that this has been such a hardship on the two of you. It is ok to say sh..sh..sh.. with all you have been thru. I pray this finds Nyel better when you return to the hospital. May the coming weeks being much needed health and good news. My love to you both.????????

  4. Bonny Pearson

    What a challenges Nyle has endured with all of this. I pray you both get to come home and enjoy the fruits of your labor. Please tell Nyle he is in our prayers here in Arizona. Sydney hugs to you for all that you have endured thru all of this. Wish I was there to help. Love to you both!!!!.


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