Oysterville Is Reeling

Jun 24, 2022 | 0 comments

The Honorary Oysterville Militia, Memorial Day 2022 – Ron Biggs, Center, In Beige Vest,

Today we learned that our long-time friend and neighbor, Ron Biggs, died yesterday — apparently in good health, while working in his garden.  His is the seventh death since 2022 began.  Too many for such a tiny village to endure.

It’s true that three of the seven didn’t live here.  But their roots were here or their parents’ roots, or their spouse’s roots.  They were connected to one another and to us as only those in a small community can fully understand.  In some cases, we grew up together.  Or our children did.  We served on committees and boards together.  We laughed and argued, reminisced and laughed some more, and, in some cases, had less and less to do with one another as the years went by.

A December Sunrise

But we walked the same footpaths, picked berries from the same bushes, revelled in the same sunrises over Willapa Bay.  We love where we live and have chosen to be here until the end — for better or for worse.  Those of us left behind will not forget a single one of you — not Ryan or Linda, not Bud or Ava or Dick, and never Nyel or Ronnie.  You were and are what makes Oysterville where we want to be until we join you.  But still we ache for the missing of you all…


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