Oysterville House Concert #107!!

Nov 6, 2023 | 0 comments

Randal and Clint 1-5-23 — Photo by Tucker Wachsmuth

Yesterday marked the 107th House Concert hosted in this old house in Oysterville!  That’s “quite a many” as my mother would say!  In some ways, that’s hard to believe.  Each one has been unique.  Each one memorable. And each has added to the cumulative joy that shared music carries along with it.  Would that we could say that about all of our other endeavors in this tumultuous world!

Susan (singing), Randal and Clint 11-5-23 — Photo by Tucker Wachsmuth

Randal Bays, Susan Waters and Clint Dye shared the “stage” — Susan playing fiddle and also singing(!) which was a first in her appearances here.  Randal played fiddle and guitar and Clint (here for the first time) played guitar and joined in the chorus of one of Susan’s songs.  And, I might add that  “played” is not quite descriptive of Clint’s relationship with his instrument.  “Magical” and “riveting” might be more like it!  He is recent to the Irish music tradition and credits Randal with his interest and growing repertoire.

Randal’s first House Concert here was on January 28, 2001.  Nyel had remembered going to one or two such gatherings when he had lived in Seattle (pre-Sydney) and, when we met Randal (through my mother and her Vespers scheduling), Nyel asked him a little bit about the nuts and bolts of hosting such an event.  We talked it over, tweaked some of Randal’s information to fit our lifestyle, and invited him to be our “guinea pig.”  The rest is history, as they say!

Susan, Randal, Clint 11-5-23 Photo by Tucker Wachsmuth

I’m not sure how many of those 107 concerts have involved Randal (and very soon Susan who was shortly to marry him.)  And then, over time, their sons Willie and Owen — although, come to think of it, I’m not sure the boys ever played here at the house — but they often did a family gig at Vespers pre-Covid.  Over the years, we’ve become “family” — Willie learning to crawl on our carpet; Owen, complete with a kid’s-sized chef hat helping Nyel cook in our kitchen, both boys perfecting their two-wheeler skills in our lane, and more than one holiday dinner with noise-makers and silliness!

We look forward to seeing more of Clint now that he’s met Oysterville and some of our House Concert followers.  I notice that Jayne Bailey, Bob Kelim and Suzanne Knutzen were all among Randal’s initial concert attendees here and were here yesterday, as as well!.  And, of course, many of yesterday’s audience members have been at other Randal Bays concerts over the years.  Someday — perhaps in my old age — I’ll take a look at how many there have been.  Probably one every year or so…

And until the next one… you can enjoy Randal (and various other accompanying musicians) on his CDs, available for sale online.  Just Google  www.randalbays.com and you’ll come up with a number of possibilities!



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