Our Old-Fashioned Friend

Oct 14, 2015 | 0 comments

"bike basket" by Dick Hawes

“bike basket” by Dick Hawes

I think of Dick Hawes as our “old-fashioned friend.” I refer to him thus, not because of his age – he is younger than I by almost a decade. Not because of his impeccably courtly manners and the fact that his drink of choice is a martini shaken-not-stirred – both true facts. And not because he has come into the age of technology by slow degrees, either – but maybe partly that.

Yesterday when the card came in the mail, I could have told you (without even seeing the handwriting) that it was from Dick. He still uses snail-mail almost exclusively and, to us anyway, often sends one of his own beautifully crafted greeting cards.

Dick Hawes

Dick Hawes

The photograph on this one is called “bike basket” (lower case b’s) and it is the best one yet! Everything about it is perfect – the colors, the patterns, the composition. His logo “One Eye Open” doesn’t half tell the story. Literally! Dick has a way of seeing that most people cannot replicate with both eyes wide or squinting.

What’s more, he apparently took the photograph here in Oysterville. That’s what the notation on the back of the card says, anyway. My visual memory is not that great. I hope someone will tell me whose bike it is. I’d like the owner to see what Dick hath wrought.

Bob Pyle in the News

Bob Pyle in the News

Enclosed in the card was an article from the Bainbridge Review (Dick lives on Bainbridge Island) about another friend, Bob Pyle. It felt serendipitous. Bob, along with poet Florence Sage will be hosting an “event” here at our house on November 8th. Dick is scheduled to receive one of the soon-to-be-sent-out invitations.

I love it that my personal bike basket is filled continually with marvelous coincidences and fortuitous happenstances! And, I’m especially happy that our life includes Dick Hawes, a gentleman of the old school in more ways than I can count.


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