Our NeverEnding Christmas Story

Dec 11, 2018 | 0 comments

Millennial Creche

As ridiculous as it seems, I was feeling a little sorry for the house the other day because of our decision to not have a Christmas tree this year.  I know there have been other holiday seasons when there hasn’t been a tree but those were usually times when, for whatever reasons, no family members were in residence. But, as the little Christmas touches began to show themselves – a few poinsettias, the Christmas bell from my mother’s childhood, the treetop angel (sans tree) from my own childhood – both the house and I seemed to feel better.

The Stable – note solar panel, sheep in Christmas sweater, organic stamp on cow

And on Sunday night, when I was talking to the “kids” (our sixty-something-year-olds-who-can’t-be-here-this year) I realized that I had missed the latest (and maybe greatest) touch of all – son Charlie’s “for the family stocking” contribution last year:  The Millennial Nativity Scene!  How could I have forgotten?

The Shepherd – or, perhaps, “Harold-the-Angel” sending out the good news

Finding it, packed away with the other Christmas decorations (that we aren’t using) was no mean feat.  It required a call to Tucker who was able to reach up to the almost-ceiling in the back forty and take down six or seven big boxes.  Then the hunt was on because, for reasons now unrecalled, I didn’t re-label the boxes last year.  But… finally, the pieces were all located, safely re-packed in their original boxes surrounded by protective Styrofoam cut-out forms and tucked safely into a big box labeled “wind-up toys” and another of “wrapping paper and ribbon.”

Joseph taking selfie with the family; Mary with Starbuck’s coffee

And now the figures have been lovingly arranged on the entry table in the living room.   Every time I look at them, I can hear Charlie and Marta laughing as we put it all together last year.  And I’m sure I can hear a little giggle or two from the house, too.  Our Christmas traditions may change a bit as the years go by but, in this house, there is plenty of room for embracing both the old and the new! Even with the storm raging outside this morning, I could hear its sigh of contentment!  Another Christmas is on its way!


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