Our Beloved Seasonal Workers!

Sep 8, 2015 | 1 comment

The Waters-Bays Family - A Bob Kelkim Photo

The Waters-Bays Family (Bob Kelim Photo)

Before the Waters-Bays family left yesterday, they spent a few minutes picking the apples from our Rajka Rezista apple tree. It took less than ten minutes for the four of them to pick the 40 pounds of bounty– twice the yield of last year’s harvest! If two consecutive years of apple-picking counts, they can now be dubbed our “seasonal work force.”

Apple Harvest

Apple Harvest

The Rajka Rezista is a dwarf tree; Randal and Willie could easily reach the highest branches. Owen and Susan took care of the lower ones. When I pointed out to Owen that he really didn’t need a ladder, his response was, “But I like ladders.” (Of course he does! How could I suggest otherwise?)

I photographed, Nyel weighed apples, and in no time flat we were watching them stow luggage and instruments, attach bikes, and scrunch into their car. Just enough room for Randal’s guitar, the lampshade they bought from the Ladies of the Moose Garage Sale, and the two boys in the back seat. And in the front seat: Randal, Susan, and a big bag of apples from us. Oh… and sand and a bit of salt water.

At the Ready

At the Ready

Just after the apple harvest, they had dashed out to the beach to say ‘goodbye until next time’ to the Pacific. Somehow, Randal had tripped on a sandbar and managed to completely immerse himself. They had the car fully packed, bikes on the bike rack blocking the trunk, before it occurred to him to get a pair of dry trousers out of the suitcase. Oh well…

Packing Up

Packing Up

And off they went, after stopping at Lina and Dave’s to pick up Owen! He had dashed across the road to watch the Wachsmuth/Cordray family load their tractor with branches from a fallen alder tree. With sparkling eyes he hopped into the car and asked if they could stop at Sears on their way home. “They’re the ones who sell Craftsmen Tractors” was his only explanation for what was obviously a well-thought out plan for a much-needed new family acquisition.

We’re hoping for another visit with them over the Veteran’s Day weekend. No telling what adventures will be in store for us by then!

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  1. Stephanie Frieze

    I hope that means a house concert that weekend!


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