“Only time will tell” and other such idioms…

Nov 3, 2010 | 4 comments

     The first thing this morning, I headed for the computer to look at the election results – probably the wrong thing to do before so much as one cup of coffee.  Immediately I felt that I had been plunged into Alice’s Wonderland or perhaps into  Hazzard County, Georgia.  (Where are the Dukes and Uncle Jesse when we need them?)
     It’s not unheard of for me to feel like this the morning after election day.  It’s seldom that I vote a totally winning ticket.  I’m usually at least half a bubble off.  Years ago, I consoled myself in the belief that ‘the greater populace knew best’ and ‘the will of the people, after all, is the democratic way.’  Whichever way the elections go will work in the long run, I told myself;  juries are usually right; etcetera.
     Over time, my faith in those platitudes has eroded considerably.  In fact, I think it was back when O.J. Simpson was found “not guilty” in his first trial, that my faith in my fellow-citizens pretty much disappeared.  So now I’m left thinking “only time will tell.”  That phrase is called an ‘idiom’ – a combination of individual words that have meaning different from the words, themselves.  It occurs to me that the word ‘idiom’ is only one letter different from the word ‘idiot.’  But we needn’t go there…


  1. Jan Bono

    I’m terribly afraid it’s damn near the whole country that’s a half a bubble off today, Sydney… *sigh*… Saw one really bright spot watching the returns, and I wish that particular candidate had emphasized the points in last night’s speech earlier in the campaign—full of the good she has already accomplished, and optimistic (with the vote not yet definitive) of continuing… But in general, I went to bed (early this morning) shuddering with disbelief…

  2. Mary Jane Willard

    Definitely feeling the same way. It will be an interesting couple of years before the next election.

  3. Jim Courtnier

    What a beautiful portrait of Quad! As for the election results, I keep finding myself resorting to idioms also. “the pendulum has swung” etc. Right now, “nail (Lieberman’s) feet to the floor” is “ringing in my ears”, but “This too will pass”.

  4. Stephanie Frieze

    It continues to amaze me regarding some of the candidates the American public elects. We had eight years of proof if we didn’t already know. I’m holding on to Rossi not getting in. I think I’d have to move. 🙁


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