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Dec 18, 2023 | 0 comments

A White Christmas in 2013

Yesterday’s Christmas Vespers program at the Oysterville Church was perfect, in every way!  Todd Wiegardt set the festive tone with festoons of greenery and bright amaryllis flowers.  Pastor Steve Kovach was decked out in Christmas finery as were Tucker Wachsmuth (who told his Beulah Slingerland mud pie  story) and Dobby Wiegardt who read the traditional Christmas Story from the Book of Luke.

But the pièce de résistance, of course, were the Oyster Crackers whose songs of the season emphasized peace on earth and good will to all.  They left the traditional carols to the rest of us.  Accompanied by Suzanne Knutzen on the piano our voices rang out — “four part harmony!” I heard someone say.  And later, I came across a woman who had gone outside for a minute of coughing “and I really didn’t want to go back in,” she told me.  “It was absolutely magical to hear those wonderful old carols ringing out from within the little church into this silent, darkening village!”

The Raggedys came downstairs after all!

And after Pastor Steve’s inspirational closing words, there were so many warm greetings and holiday blessing exchanged — friends from the length and breadth of the Peninsula and from Chinook and maybe even from Astoria.  I was overwhelmed, as I so often am, at the magical draw that the little church has.  I felt Nyel and my mother and father, my uncles Edwin and Willard, my  grandparents, and even dour old R.H. all smiling down on the little church that was so late in coming to Oysterville and has become so beloved by all of us.

We are all enriched by having so many volunteers who give of their time and talents to keep the church going — especially the musicians who value its acoustics, its intimacy, and the way it effortlessly connects us, past and present, with one another.  We are indeed blessed!   And even though a white Christmas would be glorious, I do believe I am content as is!




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