One Parade, Two Picnics and a Big Boom

Jul 5, 2011 | 2 comments

“Mr. Joe Cool”

     Yesterday’s festivities for our nation’s birthday were indeed glorious here in Oysterville.  The weather was perfect!  The sun shone, the sky was cloudless and, well…  okay; there was a cool, brisk breeze from the west – but it was only noticed by the visitors (who outnumbered the locals by about three-to-one).
     We headed to Ocean Park at eleven, driving the back roads to avoid the crowd.  They were already gathering for the Annual Ocean Park Fourth of July Parade scheduled to begin promptly at high noon, which it did.
     There were six in “our party” and we got a great spot near Bradley’s 1947 Chrysler Town and Country Convertible.  Nyel spent the entire time of the parade leaning against it and getting almost as much attention as the floats and marching bands and horses we had gathered to watch.  In my opinion (and judging by the many people who aimed their cameras in his direction), he was the best photo-op of the parade!
     We loved it all, especially Sentry’s Shopping Cart Drill Team, always a show-stopper and always last in the parade – a sure-fire guarantee that people won’t leave until it’s all over.  The crowd was enthusiastic, clapping and cheering for the fire trucks, the construction vehicles, the costumed dogs, the life-sized robots and, especially for the military groups.  Once again, Ocean Park did itself proud!
     Afterwards, we headed south to our friends’ cranberry bog where folks from all over the peninsula were congregating for a picnic, hayrides, games, and just plain old enjoyment.  In the spirit of carpe diem we ate way too much, not giving much thought to the fact that we were to leave shortly for Oysterville and yet another fabulous feast at the schoolhouse.
     We arrived just in time to meet up with The Honorary Oysterville Militia who, under ‘orders’ from General Nyel, had come to our house to haul the cannon over to the school yard.  There, under the direction of Sue and Kate, (‘the Holway girls’), we sang “God Bless America” and were suitably impressed (and momentarily deafened) as the replica 1841 mountain howitzer was fired – Oysterville’s Salute to the Fourth.  BOOM!           
     More eating and drinking followed and the intrepid young people probably stayed up for the big fireworks display in Long Beach.  We passed on that opportunity.  Our day had been more than complete – indeed, a Glorious Fourth!


  1. Stephanie Frieze

    I am sorry to have missed the parade this year! The 4th of July parade in OP is one of my favorite events. I love the car. Can’t blame Nyel for basking in its glow!

  2. John & Barbara

    Sydney and Nyel;

    Sounds like things are “booming” in Oysterville. I’m sitting next to civil war buff and founder of Satuit Camp 3188 Department of Massachsetts. They recently restored one of five extant Whitworth breach-loaded rifled cannon on the US. He remarks that the Steen Company of Kentucky did the job. He was interested to hear of your ballistic and historical pursuits. Hope you are having a fun time. Garrett is headed off to school in North Carolina in August. He will probably not be bringing up the topic of the Civil War, though the school he is attending, Guilford College, is Quaker and was on the underground RR.

    781 383-2175


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