On our porch (in the shade) 105º at 3:55 p.m.

Jun 27, 2021 | 0 comments

The power has been out.  There was a wedding at the church across the street.  Mike Lemeshko came calling and brought iced coffees.  And we’ve just been lazing around enjoying the excuse to do absolutely nothing on a Sunday afternoon.

I can’t remember a day this hot here in Oysterville.  Ever. The house stays relatively cool — 83º right now and holding steady.  Those old builders of 1869 knew how to construct for the weather — hot, cold, rainy or whatever.  Mostly, we don’t have any huge expanses of “picture windows” anywhere.  It makes it dark and cozy by firelight in the winter and, apparently, bearable when under a summertime heat dome.  Good to know!

I see online that my friends are covering their hydrangeas and taking their potted plants inside.  Mine are taking their chances.  No way am I going out there to rescue the garden.  I was going to water, but I see that that is a no-no as well.  Not until the sun goes down — by which time, I’ll probably be sound asleep.

Who knew?  I’m a California girl.  The hotter it got, the more we watered.  I don’t remember ever frying a plant, but maybe it’s a matter of acclimatizing.  (Them as well as us.)   We’ll see what the next few days bring…  I hope it’s not higher numbers.  And even more fervently, I hope there are no crazies setting off early fireworks or disregarding the burn ban.  This place is a tinderbox!  Stay cool, everybody!


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