On balance…

Jan 8, 2020 | 0 comments

We heard (sorta) three out of the ten disks.

I’m not just sure how to rate yesterday in the great scheme of things.  It was another of those up-and-back-to-Seattle days.  We left about 7:30, just as it was getting light and had an uneventful trip to the UW Medical Center.  At least, uneventful if you don’t mind driving in intermittent fog, pouring rain, and heavy traffic.

For distraction, we had the audio version of Razor Girl by Carl Hiaasen.  I had read it when it came out in 2016 but only remembered a few of the more bizarre parts.  Nyel claims he never read it and, judging by the snoring from his side of the car, he will be able to make that claim yet again.

Not for The Faint of Heart

The two best parts of the day were 1) our lunch, made and packet for take-out by Nyel-the-Chef: tunafish sandwiches, celery sticks, an apple for Nyel and a tangerine for me.  And 2) getting there early enough that the lab reports from our first stop-off were actually ready by Nyel’s 3:15 appointment with his cardiologist.  The results were the the very best he’s had since leaving St Vincent’s hospital in June.  Yay!

There was an hour and a half wait between the lab work and Nyel’s appointment during which we both read the books we’d fore-armed ourselves with.  I finished mine — Permanent Record by Edward Snowden.  Not uplifting.  In fact, in combination with current news events, disturbing in the extreme.

We headed home about 4:30.  Still rainy and foggy, but already getting dark, heavy “parking lot” style traffic, glaring headlights, impatient drivers.  With apologies to Nyel (who was now wide awake) I asked if we could bag listening to Hiaasen’s book.  The last thing I needed was a distraction of any kind.

We reached home at five to nine, too tired to eat.  It was a most difficult day — physically (the drive), mentally (Snowden’s book plus the ever-escalating news from the mideast), and emotionally (ditto above: the drive and Snowden and the news).  Did the good news about Nyel’s heart health balance all that out?  You betcha.  Otherwise, I wouldn’t even consider the two appointments we have up there  week after next!


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