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Oct 19, 2017 | 1 comment

Tomorrow Night!

Latino Music!  Colorful displays!  Refreshments!  Piñatas and other surprises up for auction!  The Celebration of Hispanic Culture begins at seven o’clock tomorrow evening at the Chautauqua Lodge in Long Beach!  We are all invited to come to this gala fund-raiser to help “Peninsula Hispanic families disrupted by ICE detainment and incarceration” (says the poster.)

Sponsors of the event, Dr. Robert Brake and his group of “dogoodnics” urge everyone to come ready to party.   Wear your red, white, and green – the colors of the Mexican flag – and be prepared to bid on the fabulous piñatas and other items generously donated by community business   I understand there are season’s tickets for at least one on-going music series here on the Peninsula.  And, in case you are want to be ready for unexpected visitors, there are several donated stays at some of our spiffiest lodging spots here at the beach!

As it looks right now, Nyel and I will be bidding by proxy and clapping and cheering from afar. (Especially if there is a chicken piñata!)  So far, Nyel’s progress toward discharge from Emanuel is very slow.  I hope that we will not be here a full two weeks as we were last time.  It’s just too bad that the ‘commute’ home is just a little more than my advanced age can deal with.


Too, I was on the list of ‘speakers’ for the event – not that I had anything much to say.  I wanted to thank members of the Hispanic community for welcoming me into their homes and sharing with me so openly.  I believe that their generosity in allowing me to tell their ‘Stories from the Heart’ did, indeed, shine a light into the shadowy world of racism and prejudice that exists even here in Pacific County.

And, too, I wanted to thank all those who have so generously responded to the needs of our neighbors under siege.  The outpouring has been heartwarming and has made a huge difference in the day-to-day struggles of many families.  The People Power Immigrants Advocacy Group headed by Ann Reeves and the GoFundMe site at https://www.gofundme.com/immigrants-long-beach-washington have reached out and given much-needed, direct help to many of the very families mentioned in “Stories from the Heart.”

My final thank-you would be to Editor Matt Winters, who listened last June to my “pitch” and allowed me to write the “Stories from the Heart” series for the Chinook Observer.  He has been supportive throughout.  And, while I’m on the subject – the last story of the series (#14) will be in next week’s paper, but I’ve already proposed to Matt that we revisit the series in the spring – along about the time of the Congressional deadline for dealing with the Dreamers.  I’d like to write about ‘what happened next’ and tell some of ‘the rest of the story.’

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  1. Stephanie Frieze

    I think that the current political climate did as much as anything to pitch the story. All it wanted was for a former Bay Area liberal and teacher, who has never stop advocating for children, to see the need. Well, done!


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