Old People/Houses: The same rules apply!

Mar 18, 2024 | 0 comments

Remember that old joke — after you reach 40 it’s Patch Patch Patch but after 60 it’s PatchPatchPatch?  Well. I’m here to tell you that the same goes for houses, but since this house was built in 1869 (and never mind that I’m way past the Age 60 Date Stamp!), I’m not just sure how to express the maintenance issues.  For both of us, of course.  But mostly for the house!

Last year at this time I was having the wonderful ChimCare crew rebuild our west chimney — just from the roofline up, thank goodness.  Spendy doesn’t even come close to what it cost but, considering it was ready to tumble down and take a good part of the roof with it, I didn’t quibble.  No Sirree!

This year this old lady needs a bit of facelift.  (Well, yes, that could definitely apply to me but, we need to choose our priorities, eh?)  So… in April the house is getting some necessary refurbishing by my friend Painter Jay whose last name (Short) belies his six-foot-seven height!  But, I must say his long reach is perfect for his profession  — never mind that we made an interesting sight as we walked about this morning, side-by-side, assessing the needs of the house!

Also, I like it that Jay prioritizes by what the public sees first — the street-side view – which is especially important in a National Historic District that encourages our thousands of yearly visitors to take a walking tour through the village.  After that area, priorities run to what is most needed #1 for the health of the house and #2 for the particular places that bug me the most.  This is the way we’ve been doing it for a good many years now, and the house has stayed in fine shape — visually as well as physically.

I wouldn’t say the process is easy… but it sure is easier with this Old Lady House than with the Old Lady Owner..  But then, I really don’t expect to be around at age 155! (I wonder what expectations the house had back in 1869?}




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