Oh, the places I’ve been!

May 7, 2020 | 1 comment

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This morning I received my first ever “Google Maps Timeline” email.  Apparently, I received it because I turned on “Location History, a google Account-level setting” that saves where I go to my private Timeline.  Hmm.

According to this account, I visited one city  (Warrenton) in April and made three visits there — one to CostCo and two to Fred Meyer — each on separate days.  I do believe that is accurate.  However, there is no record of my going to the post office here in Oysterville which I do two or three times a week.

On the other hand it says I spent 51 minutes at the church one day — which I didn’t.  What I might have done was park on the street in front of my house (which is right across  from the church) for a few minutes — time to unload groceries before returning the car to the garage., perhaps.

Screen Shot #2

I’m not quite sure if this Google function would be helpful if you were beginning to get a little addled.  Nyel says maybe it could be used to prove that you were NOT somewhere at a certain time… like at the scene of a crime.  (Say what??  Why would he even think that?  Must be a guy thing…)

But… twice in March I went to the Recycle Center in Nahcotta and I see that those trips were on this Google App as to “The Charles Nelson Guest House.”  The Charles Nelson place is cattywampus across  from the recycle bins, so I guess that’s considered close enough.  Although, my mind does flash to a new Nahcotta version of the board game, “Clue” — “…at the guest house in the garden with an empty vodka bottle…”

I haven’t decided if I want to turn the app off.  The record goes back to January 1, 2020 and does include a list of all our medical trips to Seattle, Astoria, etc.  with mileage.  But… why do we care?  Under the new tax laws we no longer itemize.  Nor have we received a tax refund for a number of years.  So… of course, we have not yet seen a stimulus check…  just sayin’.

Yesterday, one of my friends gave me a hard time about whining in my blog.  Was I?  Am I again?  I don’t think so, although maybe there’s an app to determine that, too.


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  1. Jane E Smith

    We do not itemize anymore either. Our 2019 taxes have not been processed. We did not get a refund in 2018. Therefore, were not in the first round of stimulus checks. Finally went on to Where’s My Check or something like that. Entered my bank information for direct deposit, and check was deposited within a week. I certainly did not want to wait for a paper check and that letter signed by you know who. Wouldn’t you think that since our SS checks are direct deposit, that the government could find our direct deposit information easily? Hhhhmmmmffffff!


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