Oh boy! It’s been way too long!

Feb 23, 2018 | 0 comments

Bike Basket

I think it’s been a year and a half since we’ve seen The Hawes.  Otherwise known as “Tricky” because his name is Dick and if you are old enough that doesn’t require explaining.  You’d think he lived in another country.  Well, maybe Bainbridge Island qualifies now that we are all close to the doddering age.

I’ve known Dick Hawes since my California days.  Clear back to the early seventies.  He was from the northwest but for a time worked near Half Moon Bay (I think) where a teacher-friend of mine lived.  The Tricks (we also call him that) moved back up here a few years before I did and we’ve kept up our friendship ever since.  The teacher friend, though… not so much, at least not for me.

Checkin’ Out the Bay

For a long time, Dick lived in a spiffy condo in Belleview.  When we went to the big city, we’d stay with him, and when he wanted a bit of country air, he’d come and stay with us.  He always came armed with a camera – a real one, not digital, even now – and he’d take long, solitary walks soaking up the ambience.  Later, he’d send us a card with a picture on it – something he saw or, more often, something we see every day.  But when seen through Dick’s eyes, it becomes a work of art.

M m m m m Good!

A few years back he formed his own little company called “one eye open” and marketed his cards at various galleries in the Seattle area.  He even had a show of his originals here at Bailey’s Café and, as I recall, made a sale or two.  That’s remarkable for a photographer.  In my salad days when I was married to Marta’s father (who is a photographer) I got used to hearing people visit his exhibitions and say, “I took a shot just like that!”  Yeah, right.  You don’t hear that so much at watercolor shows.  Or sculpture exhibits.  Or even at book signings.

Anyway, The Hawes will be here for the weekend and beyond!  Yay!!  We have a lot of catching up to do.  I don’t think he’s been here since my birthday two years ago this very week.  Is that possible?  Have we been up there?  I wonder if any one of the three of us can remember.  A sad, sad situation to be sure!


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