“Oh bother!” said Pooh.

Nov 13, 2013 | 1 comment

Sign of the Times

Sign of the Times

My first focus on the computer monitor this morning revealed a FaceBook message from my friend Janice:

 Oh my. I was trying to figure out what my user name is on Words With Friends and now I am playing against myself! Funny thing is, one of me is still going to be a loser! How do I delete the game? Sometimes I wonder how I made it this far in life. As Pooh would say, “oh, bother.”

It made me laugh right out loud which is something I seldom do before my second cup of coffee – although my husband has remarked more than once about how annoyingly cheerful I am in the early morning.  Janice’s message tickled me on all sorts of levels.  First and foremost was the whole figuring-out-her-user-name fiasco.  Been there, done that.

Memory vs Security

Memory vs Security

Truth to tell, between user names and passwords, I often despair. I’ve taken to writing them down on the edge of my office bookshelves – not exactly a place to ensure “Privacy” (with a capital P) but, when push comes to shove, I’m not sure what I believe about that whole issue anyway.  I vacillate – sometimes from one thought or one sentence to the next – about privacy in this new techno-age we’ve been thrust into.

Making a Point about Privacy

Making a Point

Yesterday, in fact, at our Mystery Book Club Meeting, we had quite an interesting discussion about Privacy as it relates to FaceBook and many other types of publications.  There were six of us at the table and I think our attitudes pretty much ran the gamut – from “there is no such thing as ‘Privacy’ any more” to “as a culture we ought to make it clear that taking photographs of private homes is not okay.”  (This last had something to do with my remark that my dad often said, “If I had a nickel for every time I’ve seen someone photograph the church, I’d be a rich man.”  You probably had to be there.)

Anyway, Janice’s FaceBook comment not only made me laugh out loud and begin again to think about the Privacy Issue, it also made me very glad that I have never succumbed to all those invitations to play this game or that game on FaceBook.  Mostly because I have no time what with early morning blogs and all.  However, her mention of Pooh did put me in mind of his Stoutness Exercises – which I also don’t have time for.

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  1. Nancy

    Again, a delight to read your words. I do not play the games offered on Facebook either, but do wonder about the Privacy issue. I am not a private person, but, how much of me to I want revealed to the world in general, or specifically all of my Facebook friends. This concern creates a bit of guardedness, of thought, before fingers submit comment or send, via the return tab. Aspects of life, these days, in the techie zone, requires more attention to Pooh, and the “gems” found in Milne’s words. Sent rom your “forever friend…..”


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