Of January, Farmer Nyel, and…

Jan 28, 2019 | 1 comment

Nyel, January 27, 2019

January is a good month for pruning fruit trees but, even so, I was thrown a little off-center yesterday when Nyel said he was going out to work on our apple tree.  I might have raised my voice – just a little.

“WHAT?  How can you possibly manage that from your wheelchair?”

“I’m using my walker,” he said.  And he did!

What a guy!  Fortunately for all concerned, I was busy with a big project of my own and so I didn’t have time to hover.  In fact, I didn’t give much thought to Nyel or his endeavor until he was almost finished, just in time to get a picture or two.  I gave the universe a fleeting “thank you” for the fact that it is a dwarf tree and Nyel can reach even the highest branches.  And I praised El Niño for providing us with a warm, mild winter.  All conditions were perfect and the task was accomplished without incident in almost nothing flat!

Jauary Rhodies

While I was cheering and clapping, I took a few minutes to consider the rest of our garden.  For the middle of winter, it’s looking good.  The lilacs are leafing out, the hyacinths are pushing up, and our winter-blooming rhodies are in full blossom.  I do wish I knew their name. They are not my favorites, blossom-wise, but they cheer me up every year when our garden is dominated by winter greens and grays.

Speaking of cheering, our weather has been spectacular.  The warm dry winter of El Nino translates into sun and blue skies and mild temperatures (in the 50s today) here in Oysterville.  My heart goes out to our friends in the northeastern and southern states who are dealing with “Winter Storm Jayden” and other dreadful “weather events.”  I try not to linger on that too much… overwhelming outrage at the climate-change-deniers and our current administration’s suicidal policies make me crazy.

Lilac in January

On the other hand, I’m clapping and cheering with the news that Germany plans to close all 84 of its coal-fired power plants and will rely primarily on renewable energy by the year 2038.  I doubt if I’ll be around to see it, but if enough other countries follow suit, there may be someone, even here in Oysterville, who will reap the benefits.  Heady thoughts, eh?  You can’t ever tell where a simple pruning effort will lead, at least in the Thinking Department!  Go, Farmer Nyel!

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  1. Marion

    Speaking of really cold weather in other parts of the country, our grandson Zach is in Chicago where it is bitterly cold. He and Levy arrived yesterday afternoon and were so happy to be having some Chicago pizza which looked wonderful and yummy in the pictures. Said it is a little warmer today and snowing. I will take the Pacific NW any day!


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