Nyel’s Sweet/Spicy/Sumptuous Homecoming

Jun 19, 2019 | 1 comment

We thought we’d NEVER get out of the Seaside Hospital yesterday!  Nyel had wakened with a “dangerously low” blood pressure and they said if it didn’t come up they’d have to keep him.  Interestingly, there was no speculation as to why it was low.  And, had they asked, we could have told them that that happens occasionally to him but it always come back to where it should be in a few hours.

That’s what happened yesterday, too, of course, but the doctor was super cautious.  Instead of discharging him at 10:00 as planned, it wasn’t until about 4:00 that we were finally in the car and on the road.  The car was full of equipment — a two-foot-long shoehorn, a grabber/picker-upper, a stiff cloth ribbon-like item with a noose on each end for lassoing a recalcitrant foot and lifting it onto the bed.  In short, everything that a one-and-a-half-legged man might need to help him become independent!

Nyel managed to walk into the house on his own steam (with his walker) and was greeted, first thing, by a gorgeous bouquet and six chocolate cupcakes on a silver tray.  Then there was the biggest chocolate bar of all time, beautifully wrapped!  And in our fridge was a home-made lasagne (“a little spicy”) with an accompanying salad, salad dressing and bottle of red wind for our dinner.  And for dessert, fudge brownies with a hint of orange zest!   What fabulously thoughtful friends and neighbors we  have!

As I schlepped  stuff from car to house, Mr. (or Mrs.) Swallow flew through the living room door — no doubt eager to add its welcome on behalf of the new family on the porch.  I know Nyel thought it served me right for not destroying that nest at the get-go.  Was there just a hint of amusement in his eyes as he sat wheelchair-bound and watched me  flail away with the broom…

Just as the bird flew out,  Erik and Pat arrived.  Suddenly, I wasn’t a bit concerned about putting away medical supplies or reading the manual for Nyel’s portable wound-vac.  It’s really amazing how many frustrations and worries a delicious meal with good friends can erase, to say nothing of the warm glow we both are still feeling about such a wonderful homecoming!  Neither of us can quite wrap our heads around the amazing generosity and support our friends (and even “friends” we hardly know!) have provided during these past months.  There aren’t enough hugs or thank yous to begin to express how we feel.  We only hope we can “pay it forward” as time goes by.


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