Nyel’s Left Foot

Mar 31, 2013 | 2 comments

Nyel's Left FootYesterday morning, for the first time in more than three months, Nyel was able to wear two matching shoes!  Finally, the swelling in his left leg/ankle/foot had gone down enough to allow him to squeeze into a pair of deck shoes.  It was a gigantic leap forward in his long, drawn-out recovery from surgery.

And not only that!  Later in the day, he was able to get his work boots on and accomplish great things in the garden.  He did some edging, and was able to operate the rider mower so that he could tackle the south lawn.  It looks fabulous!

The weather cooperated perfectly.  It was warm and sunny and with enough breeze to dry out the grass so that the mower didn’t clot up.  We are hoping that today can be a repeat performance, though we have Easter dinner plans with neighbors in the early afternoon.  It may be that the remaining three-quarters of lawn will, in fact, need to be baled by the time the stars align once more.  Plus, the foot looks a bit swollen again, so maybe he’s back to the hospital bootie for a while.

My contribution to all of this activity was to clean up a flower bed or two.  The crispy brown remains of bracken and day lily stalks had been calling me for days and once I got those cleared away,  buttercups by the dozens revealed themselves.  By the time I had to actually make decisions – like should I get rid of all that prunella and how many of those lilies should I thin out, anyway – my cart was full.

My rule is one cart a day which, yesterday, equaled about two hours.  My old bones find that amount of time spent stretching and pulling and digging and tossing just about right.  On a day like yesterday the work was almost a pleasure.  Almost.


  1. Steve Wright

    Hope you and Nyel haave a great Easter! Good to hear that Nyel’s recovery is progressing nicly, don’t let him rush it, slow and steady winsthe race!


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