Nyel, the Poster Boy!

Dec 18, 2014 | 5 comments

Nyel, the Poster Boy!

Nyel, the Poster Boy!

We knew it was official when the surgeon took a video of Nyel with his i-phone!  “Show me again what you can do,” he said.  “This is absolutely terrific!” Yep.  Nyel is now the Patella Quadriceps Tendon Allograft Poster Boy for 2014!  If there is such a thing.

His appointment yesterday in Vancouver was the third since his surgery September 9th and, though he is not even half-way through the second phase of his three-phase recovery, it felt like a celebration in that examining room. Not only did the doctor take a video so he could show it to the collaborating surgeon, he called in his assistant (who might have been with another patient) and had Nyel demonstrate his prowess once again.

Lookin' Good

Lookin’ Good

That is not to say he is out of the woods yet. “I have only one important piece of advice for you,” he said. “Do. Not. Fall. Down.” At this point in his recovery, at least as I understand it, Nyel cannot yet bend his knee enough to sustain a fall and would risk re-rupturing his ‘new’ quadriceps tendon.

Nor is he to climb stairs or do any strengthening exercises with weights. That will come in “Phase Three” – hopefully after his next check-up eight weeks from now. He was released to drive, however, and as you might guess, chose to drive us home from Vancouver much to my delight.

In the Driver's Seat

In the Driver’s Seat

However, that’s something else he probably won’t be doing again until after his next appointment. Getting his leg into the car on the driver’s side took a little doing; getting out once we got home was well-nigh impossible. We think he’ll have an easier time of it on the passenger side for a while yet – at least until he can bend the knee more than the 45° now allowed by his brace.  (Or unless we get a bigger car!)

But ‘job security’ as his chauffeur doesn’t bother me a bit — as in who wouldn’t want to be the driver for an honest-to-goodness Poster Boy?  Especially if he can ride up front in the passenger seat! We are on our way back to normalcy! What a Merry Christmas it will be!


  1. Stephanie Frieze

    Congratulations to Nyel and his nurse!

  2. Nancy Russell stone

    What great news! It has been, and will continue to be a long haul for both of you. We raise our cups of cocoa, with whipped cream atop, to both of you.

  3. Steve

    Nyel: Great patience and a great job on recovery!

  4. Marion Freshley

    I am so pleased to hear all of this and think his recovery has been amazing considering the severity of his surgery. Keep it up Nyel, you can do it!


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