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Salute to the 160th

Salute to Oysterville’s 160th!

The photographs are starting to pour in – pictures capturing some of the fun of last Saturday’s 160th Anniversary Celebration.  Sometimes, when you are in the thick of things, you can’t really tell how the plans are working or if things have come together as you had hoped.  A few days to reflect and a look at the pictures have put the day in perspective, at least for me.  I do believe I had a great time!  More importantly, I think everyone else did, too.

The New Shoalwater Storytellers

The New Shoalwater Storytellers

As intended, the celebration was low-key.  It began in the church with a “Salute to the Past.”  After welcoming remarks by Tucker Wachsmuth, the Oysterville Restoration Foundation’s president, the New Shoalwater Storytellers, Kitt Fleming and Dave Immel, performed – enacting the story of Espy and Clark’s arrival here on April 12, 1854.  My favorite part of that presentation is always the clever “kedging” scene.  Most people don’t really know what kedging is, but those who saw the Storytellers on Saturday certainly do.   (It’s one of those ‘you had to be there’ things.)

Bradley and Kate Sing Stephen Foster Songs

Bradley, Kate and Stephen Foster

Tucker then talked about Oysterville’s location on the onramp to 1854’s Superhighway (check out yesterday’s blog) followed by Oysterville’s own singing duo, Katherine Holway Smith and Bradley Huson singing a selection of Stephen Foster’s songs – the very tunes that  Espy and Clark may have been humming as they paddled up the bay to keep their rendezvous with ‘Old Klickeas.’

When we left the church, we headed for the schoolhouse where The Honorary Oysterville Militia stood ready to salute the day with the cannon.  The boom! and smoke were impressive – just the noisy punctuation needed to send us into the schoolhouse for our potluck picnic.  As usual at such Oysterville events, the food was varied and delicious.

In the Schoolhouse

In the Schoolhouse

We completed the “formalities’ of the day (actually, nothing was formal – just the opposite, very casual – but it doesn’t sound quite right to complete the “casualties” of the day) by giving folks an opportunity to tell about their Oysterville connections.  That was the best part of all to my way of thinking.  I never tire of hearing how people have “discovered” Oysterville and the stories ran the gamut – from those who grew up here or had ancestors who lived here right up to a couple of tourists who had just stopped by and were invited to come in and eat!

`           It was a lovely event and a day to remember.  I thank everyone who has sent me pictures to commemorate the day.  I was having way too much fun to take a single one!


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