Not so’s you’d notice!

Apr 17, 2019 | 0 comments

Free-ranging all over the place!

If the ladies are missing their rooster companions, they aren’t saying.  They aren’t even hanging around pining away.  All five are out and about – in our yard, on the road, and probably visiting the neighbors, though we’ve had no reports corroborating that assumption.

Healing Nicely!

The two randy roosters have been gone for a week and I’m not sure the hens have even noticed.  There has been no slow-down in production.  They are still laying three to five eggs a day – and in the nest boxes, too.  No more of those egg deposits in the run or under the coop (knock wood)! And, their feathers are slowly growing in; the bloody areas on their backs from those wicked rooster spurs are healing.

An Egg in Every Nest Box

The best news of all, from my viewpoint is that our backyard chickens are free-ranging once again.  No worries about rooster attacks on visitors – or me!  In fact, just the opposite.  The ladies come to greet everybody – perhaps hoping for a handout, but more likely just out of curiosity.  They come up on the porch, look in through the window panes in the door and seem to be saying, “Won’t you come out and play?”

Little Red Hen Comes Visiting

I’m pretty sure they are hoping to entice Farmer Nyel outside.  I’ve told them that he is enjoying their antics through the windows and, somehow, I think they get it.  They spend a lot of time in the east garden which gives the Farmer a ringside seat when he is working at his desk.  “As soon as it gets a little warmer,” I promise the girls, “he’ll come outside in his wheelchair to visit.  Maybe he’ll let you hitch a ride!”

Those girls may not miss the roosters but I’m pretty sure they miss Farmer Nyel.  Eggceedingly!


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