New Balance? Hold that thought!

May 28, 2019 | 1 comment


Day 32 — My big accomplishment for this day was to get Nyel a pair of shoes the likes of which he’s never had before.  “A fairly light-weight tennis show with a rubber sole.  New Balance was recommended as a possibility” said the Occupational Therapist.  “Does is have to be a tennis shoe?” asked my leather-oxford, button-down husband.”  The answer:  “Yes.”

So, I took the orthotics out of his loafers (which I brought with me just in case he can convince anyone to use them, instead of the tennis shoes) and stopped at Fred Meyer.  It was, after all, right on my way back to St. Vincents from my brief-but-blessed stay in Oysterville.  I wandered around in the shoe department looking at all the possibilities (which, of course, all look alike to me, except for the color.)  A very tall shoe clerk came and offered to help.

I told him what I needed.  “In black.  Size 13d EEE.”  “I don’t know, ” he said doubtfully.  “They don’t really come that wide.  At least we don’t stock them.  Maybe Gimre’s.  But he kept looking and way up at the top he found them!  A pair of New Balance, 13 W, black.  I asked if I might try the orthotics and voila!  They fit perfectly.  Fifteen minutes and I was on my way with this bit of trivia rattling around in my head:  The clerk’s brothers, one younger and one older, wear a size 21 and a size 16, respectively.   He wears size 18, “but not very wide.”  They get their shoes at a special store in Portland.  Their father?  Size 10.  “Our mom wears a 10, too.”  So… there you are.

New Shoes!

A consultant will be here tomorrow to measure and discuss and we don’t know what all.  Then he’ll go back to Evergreen Prosthetics and Orthotics and they will build Nyel shoe that will allow his left foot to touch the floor when he is standing.  Then he can be weight-bearing with both legs.  Balanced!  And then… we’ll see.

Woot!  Woot!  Those shoes are HUGE!


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  1. John Snyder

    Sometimes little victories add up.
    ‘still she persisted.’


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