More Than We Can Count

Nov 27, 2010 | 1 comment

Coming Soon from Randal Bays

     When I checked my email this morning, there was a brief note from our friend Randal Bays.  He says that he has just sent his new CD, “Oyster Light,” off to the manufacturer and he sent a copy of the cover – a photograph taken by his son Willie.  I think Willie is nine now.
     There was also a lovely message from Ruth Chamberlin – one of those surprising serendipitous things; she was talking about my blog and I had just begun reading her second book, Laughter Left Over.  I felt like we had our very own mutual admiration society going which is a great feeling at six in the morning!  It starts the day out on a positive note, you might say.
     Yesterday I had lunch with my friend Pat Fagerland.  We met at Bailey’s Café in Nahcotta where she was rearranging some of her artwork and hanging a new painting to replace one that had recently sold.  And, at our “Friday Night” gathering last evening, jeweler Sandra Lill talked about the Peninsula Arts Association’s Studio Tour happening yesterday and today.  Dan Driscoll was here, too, and mentioned a new book he’s written that will soon be on his upcoming website in pdf format.
     How lucky we are to have so many talented people in our lives – so many that in the space of a day we have had contact with a half dozen friends seriously ‘in the arts.’  We are blessed to be surrounded by their creative energy.  In the matter of friendships, we truly have more blessings than we can count!     

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  1. Diana C

    I totally agree, we have such amazing talent here…
    Jim and I have often thought that Oysterville should have a gallery if sorts just to showcase our amazing diversity.


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