Missing and Presumed…

May 13, 2018 | 1 comment

“Don’t beat yourself up about it,” said Farmer Nyel.  “It wasn’t your fault.”

Maybe not.  But, anyway, I feel terrible.  The littlest black hen – the one with the injured shoulder – escaped yesterday afternoon and, try as we might, we haven’t yet found her.  It was my idea to take the chickens outside yesterday for a bit of sun.  Their older sisters had enjoyed a “field trip” to the garden a few weeks ago and I thought these two smallest girls were ready to meet the great outdoors.  Little did I think it might be “meet their maker” instead!

We knew we couldn’t put them together in the little chicken wire enclosure Nyel had fashioned.  They have been separated in their individual ICU areas for a few days now – hopefully recovering from the literal henpecking that they have recently gone through.  Nyel determined that the little black chicken would be the first one for the sunbathing expedition and set her up securely (he thought) with available water and a grassy area to explore.

In an hour or so, he went to check on her.  Gone!  No way of knowing how she got out – under? over? through?  He checked and “chick-chick-chicked” everywhere.  Not that we thought calling her would do any good.  She’s too young to have been offered scratch which is the usual reward for coming to the familiar call.  So… no little black chicken appeared.

The girls confined down at the coop (because of the septic system project) squawked and clucked thinking, no doubt, that they were missing out on a treat.  I went down to explain to them, and hoping that maybe, just maybe, the little one had gone down that way.  You know… birds of a feather and that flocking thing.  No such luck.

This morning Nyel has called again.  And looked everywhere.  “She’s gone,” he said.  He’s philosophical.  Farmers have to be, I guess.  But… I feel terrible.

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  1. lee ellis

    sad too. Hope she returns to the roost!


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