Merry Christmas! And it’s about time!

Dec 25, 2018 | 1 comment

December 2017 – Bright and Shiny New but Not Operable

The check arrived in our mail yesterday.  Our war with South Korea is over at last!  Actually, it’s our war with Samsung and, the way things are made these days, with some parts manufactured here and then put together there and then sent to a distribution center in yet another location… who knows what country might be enemy headquarters?  Suffice it to say that after fifteen (yes, one-five – 15) months of having a stove that just has just been taking up space in our kitchen, we now have the wherewithal to begin again.  And you can bet your sweet patootie that we won’t be dealing with Samsung.

The saga began in October 2017.  We bought a gas cook stove from Roby’s (and let’s not go there!) in Astoria.  Paid half down and the rest on arrival in Oysterville which was December 20, 2017.  That was it for that year.  Hook-up (“because of the holidays”) did not occur until January 8, 2018.  That meant, of course, that Nyel-the-chef cooked last year’s Christmas dinner using a crock pot, an electric roaster oven (from Dennis Company, yay!), a microwave and a hot plate while the new stove took up space in the middle of the kitchen floor.  (In spite of all, the dinner was delicious.)

But, at last, in January we had an operable stove and a gorgeous stove it was.  We quickly test-drove the burners and then the oven.  Burners, great!  Oven, not so much.  A terrible, horrible very bad noise occurred when the desired oven temperature was reached.  Plus, our smoke alarm went berserk.  Scary!  Especially considering this is a gas (could it go boom?) stove!

We called Roby’s and asked who in the local area could come and take a look.  “We’ll get back to you,” they said.  Many, many phone calls, visits to Astoria, and stovetop meals later on July 16th!!! we found someone in Long Beach willing to take a look.  He tinkered with the fan.  The noise persisted. On August 2nd he came back.  More tinkering and another bill.  The noise persisted.

Roaster Oven to the Rescue!

On September 7th another repairman, this time from Warrenton, arrived. He was working on getting approved for warrantee work for Samsung.  “There won’t be any charge,” he said.  He ordered a new fan and installed it on October 31st.  The noise persisted.  Roby’s suggested we call Samsung’s Customer Service Department.  And then the nightmare began.

Suffice it to say that they (“they” being Samsung people) told us first that they would replace the stove.  However, when they called us to arrange a delivery date, we weren’t home, couldn’t understand the message they left, called them back and were told that, since they hadn’t heard from us for 24 hours, they “cancelled” the ticket and we’d need to start over.

This time they required scans of our receipt from Roby’s, from the gas hookup, from the repairmen.  (At this point, the Warrenton guy decided to charge us, after all.  Thanks a lot.)  Samsung would look over the paper trail and refund our money.  Great!  When we didn’t hear further, we called only to find they had cancelled our ticket.  Again!  We would not be getting our money back.  We had not used an authorized Samsung repairman so we had broken the terms of the warrantee.  No deal.

Cut Electrical Cord as Directed

Now it was November 15, 2018 and we were approaching a second Christmas with no oven.  We talked it all over and decided that we didn’t have many choices if we wanted to recoup any of our investment at all.  So, we called Samsung Customer Service and said we’d like them to send an authorized repairman to fix the stove and we would pay for it.  Time went by.  On November 20th they called and said (Surprise!  Surprise!) there were no Samsung authorized  repairmen in our area (which included Seattle!) and so… they would refund the original price of the stove… after we made a formal request in writing, sent them a scan of the cut electrical cord and of the sticker with the serial number yada yada yada.  Done and done.

Yesterday the check was, indeed, in the mail!  Today, Tucker and Carol are coming for Christmas dinner – they are bringing the turkey and we are contributing the stovetop items…  Maybe next year we can do the turkey – but it won’t be done in a Samsung oven, that we guarantee!!

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  1. Betty Kennedy

    I think you should post this on the Samsung web page to let others know the hoops you had to go through to get a problem resolved. I’m always leery about buying appliances from companies out of the country but I’m sure all of them have some parts or assembly here in US. It’s their customer service & language accents that is the problem.

    I truly believe the place you bought it from should have helped you resolve the problem.
    I’m curious, did they replace it or pick it up. If so what “lucky” appliance did you replace it with. My sister replaced her old ones with all Samsung, hope she doesn’t have a night,are with any of them.


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