…maybe it’s a nationality thing.

Oct 25, 2018 | 0 comments

Russian Orloff

Life has been a little less enthusiastic in the coop these past few days.  Slutvana gave up her brooding on Monday and left her eggs to go cold in the nest box.  The aunties have stopped hovering around expectantly and the roosters are…  Well, the roosters are just doing their usual randy bit for the good of the cause.  Presumably.

Farmer Nyel directed me to get rid of the five eggs lest they get broken and cause a big stink.  So far, I haven’t called Godfeather Erik to tell him that his work in creating the run for the chicklets was in vain – at least this time around.  Hopefully, there will be other opportunities for baby chicks.  And, hopefully, it will be the Ameraucana who goes broody.  Maybe she will be more reliable.

According to the BackYard Chickens website, hens go broody for inexplicable reasons – “this mood is determined by her own instincts, hormones, voices in her head, instructions beamed down from her Mother Ship.” (I just love that website.  They tell it exactly as it is, in my estimation.)


I think, in this case though, it was a nationality thing.  Perhaps Slutvana (who is, after all, a Russian Orloff) got a little confused about her duties.  We are rapidly approaching November 6th and some sixth (ahem) sense must have tuned into her Russian compatriots’ attempts to fowl (ahem again) up our election process.  Deceitful, duplicitous Slutvana!  For shame!  You had us all counting chickens that weren’t ever going to hatch.

But we are onto her now.  In the future our surveillance will be ongoing and relentless… even though we know that you never can tell with chickens, no matter what their nationality!


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