Marta, Mayan Goddess Reincarnate

Dec 21, 2012 | 0 comments

I had been married to Marta’s father for more than a year before I knew what his ethnicity was.  When questioned, he smiled enigmatically, World War II and the treatment of himself and his Japanese father still too fresh in his mind.  His exotic handsomeness caused speculation to run the gamut from Egyptian to Romany to Arapaho.

So, it didn’t come as a great surprise to me that his daughter Marta (who has been in my life for more than half a century, now) is playing the part of a Mayan Goddess tonight in honor of the Winter Solstice.  I do so wish I could be at the performance which is happening in Corte Madera at the Golden Gate Center for Spiritual Living.  Her role is to do  a reading about the Mayan calendars.  This is what she wrote to me:

I will be talking on & on about the 3 calendars,- 1 for farming & commerce 1 for intentions, 1 for prophecy -according to the Mayan calendar, we are at the end of the 4th Sun cycle which is based on materialism, individualism & separatism – the 5th Sun cycle is based on wisdom in simplicity, forgiveness, compassion and respect. It is the time of the ending of 1 calendar & the beginning of a new one – which is to say, the world is not ending tomorrow – as you may be surprised to hear, it’s the ending of the 5,125 year cycle, going from the 4th sun to the 5th sun cycle…also apparently the Mayans had an accounting for 60 billion yrs. of calendar cycles…it’s all pretty fantastical to me…but  a very interesting belief system nonetheless…so that, in a nutshell is what this aspect of the event will be talking about…featuring yours truly.

How I wish I could be there!  Apparently, there will be drumming and music and incantations and even pyrotechnics!  But, I imagine all eyes will be on Marta the Mayan Goddess as she celebrates the Winter Solstice with her usual beauty and grace.


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