Marta LaRue is HOW old??!!!

Jul 5, 2023 | 0 comments

For the second year in a row, Bonus Daughter Marta LaRue of Marin County, California, has celebrated her birthday dinner at the Depot Restaurant in Seaview.  Some of us were with her both years and we no doubt look at least twelve months older this time around.  Marta, on the other hand. told us last year that she was celebrating her 68th birthday.  This year… well, you can figure it out.  And she still looks “going on sixteen” to me!

Pat and Charlie

Whatever her secret elixir is, its magic seems to be catching — at least in terms of enthusiasm and a certain amount of silliness and gigantic dollops of joie de vivre!  We dined with our friends Noel and Pat Thomas and all of us lost ten or more years in the process.  (And probably gained ten or more pounds!)  Have you tried the Depot’s Dungeness Crab Mac?  OMG!)

Sydney, Noel, and Marta — in Marta’s Selfie

We talked about old times, new projects, the difficulties of aging and all the usual “stuff” old friends managed to cram into a get-together that has become all too rare as the years gallop along!  Pat mentioned that she and Noel and I are the last of “The Picnic Crowd” that once included 20 or more of us — Gordon Schoewe and Roy Gustafson, Jim and Kay Buesing, Charlie and Kaye Mulvey, Bette Newell, Nyel. Dorothy and Chuck Huggins, Dottie and Lee McHugh, Gordon’s Cousin Jeanne and more, besides.

And what I kept thinking was that Marta and Charlie are older than we were then…

Looking at Marta’s Selfie





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