March 20th! One week from tomorrow!

Mar 12, 2024 | 1 comment

Maggie Stucky, The Queen of Nurturing!

Mark your calendar.  Save your appetite!  Maggie Stuckey is coming to town!  And if you know anything at all about Maggie, you know that she is the Quintessential Queen of Nurturing — whether it be growing a garden, serving up a delicious homemade meal, or just showing us how to do it ourselves!

On Wednesday, March 20th from 2:00 to 3:30 (or so!), Maggie will be sharing the joys of the Soup Night tradition and the magic it brings to our sometimes fractious world.  She’ll share a no-stress way of bringing people together breaking down barriers, overcoming isolation and fearfulness — all with friendship, kindness, and open-hearted caring.  And the magic formula?  Soup!!

In this free program, we’ll sample delicious homemade soup while Maggie shares stories of Soup Nighters all around the country who are creating a real sense of community through the age-old idea of getting together for a simple meal on a regular basis.  In our greater Peninsula community, many of us do such get-t0gethers already — but perhaps not with the magic ingredient of soup.  (And somehow, that always reminds me of the old folk tale “Stone Soup,” but Maggie’s formula for Soup Night carries that idea just a bit farther along the magical neighborhood highway.)

Her book, “Soup Night” which is filled with recipes — several by community members you might know, including yours truly — will be for sale at the event — $20, cash or checks only, please, says Maggie.  And, you might even get her to autograph your copy!  Bring a friend if you wish.  And $20 if you’re smart.  Otherwise, just bring a bit of appetite for some delicious food and delightful discourse!  See you there!

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  1. Pam

    It’s a great book!! Where will the event take place?


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