Making Lemonade Some More

Feb 14, 2019 | 3 comments

The Stove Saga continues at our house.  These are the things that have happened since Samsung finally returned our purchase price (fourteen months after the fact):

  • Found the perfect dual-fuel stove, American-made, with known local repair folks available – just in case
  • Back-ordered
  • Came early
  • Delivered but can’t install until 110 outlet is changed out to 220 (today?)
  • Discovered it’s not the stove model we ordered
  • Dealer apologetic. Pushed the wrong button on his computer
  • Will pick up incorrect stove (today?)
  • New (correctwehopetogod) model back-ordered
  • Will arrive at the end of the month

Meanwhile – the gas cooktop of the impaired Samsung continues to be useable, but not the oven.  However, after a year of making do with microwave, roaster oven, slow-cooker and various combinations of the above, we’ve become adept at making lemonade out of all those lemons life has been throwing at us.

And lest you be tempted – we’ve had it up to here with clever suggestions, advice, and even sympathy.  Just send money.


  1. Bonnie

    And here I thought your post was going to be about a bumper crop of Myer lemons! In the event that your new, soon to be delivered stove is a Kitchen Aid, kudos for a great choice. We had one (dual fuel) in our San Juan Island house and loved it. So, no advice, no clever or not so clever suggestions, etc., etc. Enjoy it when it arrives!

  2. Kristina Jones

    Beloved Cuz, after a bout of the flu I picked up your column this morning! WOW!!! So much has happened in O’ville and your lives! Good news on the stove… nuff said. I loved reading about Mona, too. I remember her and feel that Willard would completely admire your penmanship skills, and I don’t mean neatness! You are superb, m’dear and I miss you and love you to bits. Happy Valentine’s Day to you and Himself… KK

  3. Nancy Holden

    Perhaps a good ole wood stove would be the ticket !! I have had some mighty good eating from one.


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