Lunching ‘al fresco’ in Oysterville

Jun 4, 2011 | 2 comments

On Dan’s Deck

     Up until now, my all-time favorite place for lunching al fresco has been Sam’s in Tiburon.  Now it’s Dan’s in Oysterville.  Well, it’s “Dan’s” in my mind but in reality, of course, it’s Oysterville Sea Farms.
     I can actually name a dozen or more places that I love for outdoor eating – some in this country and some abroad.  Their common ingredients are good food, a waterside location, and a relaxed atmosphere.  When I lived in the San Francisco Bay area, Sam’s filled the bill.  We still go there whenever we’re in the neighborhood.
     But now we have only to walk north a few blocks right here in greater downtown Oysterville to have an experience that is every bit as wonderful!  Yesterday was the perfect day to stroll up for a late lunch of clam chowder and a baguette.  Nyel accompanied his with a glass of beer; I, with a cup of coffee.            
     We shared Dan’s deck with two other couples – a pair of women tourists and two local guys who were sharing a sackful of oysters in the shell.  They opened them on the spot (did they bring their own oyster knife?) in leisurely fashion as they sat looking out over the bay.  I didn’t notice if the accompaniment was wine or beer.  I did notice that they arrived about when we did and were about half-way through the sack when we left forty-five minutes or so later.  A leisurely luscious luncheon for sure!
     The tide was out.  Way out.  The sun was warm.  The breeze – just a zephyr – was refreshing.  The view in all directions was extraordinary.  We thought it beat Sam’s on two important counts – we hadn’t had to wait for a table and there were no seagulls.  (Once a seagull splatted his business right into my bowl of cioppino.  The restaurant replaced my food but the episode was just a tad off-putting.)
     I know the weather won’t always be inviting as it usually is in Tiburon.  On the other hand, accessibility will definitely weigh in favor of Dan’s place.  And, when the word gets out, the Oysterville Sea Farms deck is bound to get crowded.  But, when you live just down the road, missing the crush by eating a little earlier or later is hardly a problem.
     We may just amble over there again today!   


  1. Karin Pennington

    I agree Sydney, it is a nice place to be! Kyle and I went there a week ago and had the yummy clam chowder, crab cocktail, and a nice glass of wine! And of course the view…Perfect!

  2. Stephanie Frieze

    Food tastes better, even peanut butter and jelly on a school field trip, out of doors! And I think the rarity of the days we can do it in the Northwest make it even sweeter. I am itching to get out our picnic table and begin having dinners outside!


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