Lunch with My Friend Miki

Mar 25, 2018 | 1 comment


We don’t know the answer yet and we are hoping it was just ‘one of those’ mix-ups that happen.  There were supposed to be three of us meeting for lunch at the Roo.  Two of us got there about ten minutes early and had a consultation.  The Roo, it seemed, was closed for a “Private Party” (which we cleverly realized wasn’t us) so we decided that when Alena arrived, we’d go to the Pub, instead.

Alena never arrived.  We called.  We left messages.  We waited some more and finally went on to the Pub, hoping she’d hook up with us there.  It didn’t happen, so Miki and I carried on.  We have a long history of that… though not in quite the same context.  The every-six-month-lunch-dates with Alena are relatively new – since she moved back here after a twenty-year (No! That must be wrong!) absence.  Miki and I, on the other hand, have been meeting periodically during all that time  – usually for coffee, but it doesn’t really matter.  We still feel as though ‘we are one’ when we get together.

Dorothy and Miki

Our friendship goes back to the 1980s at Ocean Park School.  In fact, I was on the team who interviewed Miki when she applied to work in the Ocean Beach School District.  All I remember of that day is that Miki was absolutely superb – answered all our questions with calm aplomb – while her eighteen-month-old daughter Dorothy crawled around my classroom floor exploring every crook and cranny.  A few years later Dorothy would be a first grader attending my class in that very room and Miki and I would be “joined at the hip.”

We were the two that appealed to the superintendent to allow us to convert Ocean Park School to a multigrade (first/second/third grade in every classroom) configuration.  Miki and I spent hours researching, meeting with other educators, with parents, with administrators to make our case.  We were successful and for five or six wonderful years, Ocean Park became a model for multigrade education in the district, in the state, and in the region.

alena, Miki, Me — A Year or So Ago

It didn’t last, of course.  Sadly, nothing does when it come to education. But our friendship – Miki’s and mine – is deeper now than ever.  Long gone are my high school days when I had a BFF (as they call them now) but, as an adult with an entirely different perspective on friendship, I can truly say that Miki is one of my closest friends.  We think alike about almost everything.  We have the same concerns – educational, political, social, even personal.  No subject is ever off the table.

And besides all that, Miki always makes me feel better about things.  And about myself.  (No one else has ever said that I was the best bullshit meter the District ever had!  Wow!)  We had a lovely lunch yesterday, sitting in the lobby in the newly ‘extended’ pub.  We think we have to do it again, soon.  As soon as we can find Alena!

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    it was good to see you yesterday


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