Lunch Dates and Other Perks

Aug 20, 2016 | 1 comment

School Playground, 1960s

School Playground, 1960s

For the many (39) years I taught school, my lunch ‘hour’ was 30 minutes long and often involved (in the ‘olden’ days) lunchroom or playground duty.  In the years that I was a smoker, I very often skipped the eating part and had a cigarette instead. It was all about time constraints and priorities.  And, the amazing part is that I never gave it a thought.  It was just the way of it.

In the years I was active in the California Teachers Association, there were often crucial meetings that, of necessity, took place in the morning – usually a breakfast meeting at 7:00 in a centrally located restaurant.  Out the door by 8:00 to be checking in at school by 8:30 at the latest.  Sometimes, of course, meetings were after school or in the evening.  Never at noon.  Not possible and totally off the table.

Bridgewater Bistro

Bridgewater Bistro

Now that I’m retired, I’ve discovered “lunch dates” which, I’ve learned, were de rigeuer among some of my friends, even during their working years.  Wow!  For me, meeting a friend for lunch is one of the distinct pleasures of retirement and, fortunately, one I didn’t know I was missing for all those working years.

Yesterday, I met long-time friend Pat Thomas who now lives in Astoria.  We had lunch at the Bridgewater Bistro owned by mutual friends Tony and Ann Kischner, both of whom were working yesterday.   All of us ‘go back’ thirty years or more and it was fun to have a moment or two for catch-up-and-hugs as we were greeted at the door.

Come to think of it, Tony and Ann probably don’t have too many ‘lunch dates’ with friends.  Or, looking at it another way, they get in (however briefly)  on lots of other people’s rendezvous.  If they ever retire (which, they say, “seems doubtful”) I wonder if they’ll find the same pleasure I do in meeting a friend over a great meal?  Filed under Points to Ponder…

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  1. Stephanie Frieze

    I have had several lunch dates in the last two weeks and LOVE it. Two of them were with friends from high school. Although we will see each other at our reunion next month, the conversations at that type of event is seldom satisfying, but sitting one to one or even in a group of eight, is delightful!


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