Looking at Oysterville’s Quirky Side

Aug 28, 2013 | 1 comment


Greg’s Pickup Truck

Most days, Greg’s truck is parked outside the Oysterville Store.  It’s the one with the “Jethroe” vanity plate.  Just in case you don’t remember, Jethro (played by Max Baer, Jr.) was one of the characters on the “Beverly Hillbillies”  1960s CBS sit-com along with patriarch Jed Clampett,  his ornery mother-in-law Granny, and his curvaceous daughter Elly Mae.

Greg’s license plate, even on his pickup with its bed empty,  immediately brings to mind visions of Dust Bowl refugees, their worldly possessions stacked and tied on precarious transportation and, according to our stalwart store owner, his truck has taken many a trip looking exactly like that.  And, with his eclectic eye and weekly forays to find “stock” in unlikely locales between here and everywhere, the truck and its contents will undoubtedly continue to add character to Oysterville.


Red House Whirlygig

Buoy Sign

High and Dry

And speaking of characters – a very old one showed up on the fence at the Red House last weekend.  I hadn’t seen him for many-a-year, but Abby resurrected the old wooden-farmer-guy sawing away as the wind blows.  I was able to get a quick picture of him when his mechanism stuck and, despite a steady breeze, he was motionless for a few minutes.  I hadn’t seen that wind whirligig for years – maybe since before Uncle Cecil died in the early eighties.  It was great to see him back on the job again.  (The farmer guy, not Uncle Cecil.)

The most unusual front yard art statement, though, was at Lina’s place.  A huge orange buoy (looking even huger because of its earth-bound status) stood at attention with three sailboats twirling around on its top.  A second whirligig on display in Oysterville on the same weekend!  What are the chances?  This one, of course, was in honor of the Annual Oysterville Regatta and Tucker says they will try to put it out in the water next year.

One of the things I appreciate most about my Oysterville friends and relatives is their sense of humor.  In our quiet little historic village, it’s a quality that’s not always immediately apparent…  You might have to keep a lookout for the quirky stuff.

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  1. Amy

    When Gabi saw Tucker carrying the pole with the buoy on it she said, “Opa has a pumpkin!”


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