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Apr 1, 2015 | 1 comment

Friday: Larry on the Radio  at KMUN

Friday: Larry on the Radio at KMUN

For singer/songwriter Larry Murante, it’s been one of those ‘best laid plans…’ sorts of weeks. For us, it’s been more like ‘when one door shuts, another opens.’

It all began on Saturday. That was Larry’s packing up day at Willapa Bay AiR. His month-long residency was over and he had arranged to stay there an extra day to do a House Concert here Sunday afternoon. But… then his truck broke down.

It was the clutch. Or the transmission. But, hopefully, something easy. He had to get back to Seattle on Monday. Tuesday at the latest. He was scheduled to work.

Sunday: Larry Setting Up for His Concert

Sunday: Larry Setting Up for His Concert

The gig was wonderful. If Larry was concerned at not having wheels, he gave no indication. A check-in with the mechanic on Monday morning revealed that he’d not be leaving until Tuesday at the latest. It was a clutch problem – “an easy fix.”

There were phone calls to Seattle and, with borrowed wheels, he moved his stuff from Willapa Bay AiR to our house. They were already getting ready for the April residents, scheduled to arrive on the first.

By noon yesterday Larry’s truck was ready and Nyel gave him a ride into town to pick it up. A bit later he was back at our place to load up his gear – guitar. mandolin, mic, amps, clothing and everything else he had brought for that month-long residency. Hugs and he was off.

Tuesday: Larry and Nyel at Dinner

Tuesday: Larry and Nyel at Dinner

I futzed around picking up the kitchen, thought about doing the laundry and decided to take a nap instead. I had just drifted off when I heard Larry’s voice… “Sydney? I’m baaack…!” Before he was even off the Peninsula, the clutch began to slip and chatter – “like a bunch of crickets.” Rather than risk the journey to Seattle, he returned the car to the mechanic who, of course, wouldn’t be able to get to it until Wednesday (today).

Except for a lot of sympathetic worrying on Larry’s behalf, we couldn’t be more delighted to have this extra time with him. Last night we went out to dinner (his treat!) and crashed early. Oh. And did I say that when Larry came back from his aborted return to Seattle he discovered that he’d left his bag of clothes at the top of the stairs and had headed home without them? “Those are about all the clothes I own,” he laughed. “Shoes and everything. I don’t know what I would have done…”

We know. He’d have smiled and written a song about his tow truck woes. Maybe he will anyway. Who knows what this day will bring!

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  1. Nancy Russell tone

    “Something” or Some Thing, is afoot, an energy force hanging around, waiting and hoping to be invited to enter those doors we unknowingly close. The title of one of my favorite books by Bay Area psychologist Robert Hopcke is “There Are No Accidents”. Time (that construct of the human mind) to pay attention, await, with patience or impatience the next synchronous event which hovers nearby. Ah, neutrinos scattered throughout the village. Song title suggestion for Larry: “Neutrinos Stroll Down Territory Road”…..just saying….


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