Look who came calling!

Nov 18, 2020 | 3 comments

Yesterday afternoon the bay came calling.  Right into Oysterville she came just as bold as can be.  Quietly.  Relentlessly.  Creeping, creeping on and ever onward.

First she passed right by her usual stopping place.  Up and over the bank she came.  Into the meadow, co-mingling with Lake Little just as brazenly as you please.  She flooded out the egret pair who had been poking around the swampy edges .  And then she swallowed up the meadow all together.

She didn’t even hesitate at our fence. Under it she went, sliding along at a pretty good clip.  The wind died down and watched with ‘nary a sound ‘nor a ripple.  Over our east lawn she came, filling in the low spots, heading for higher ground.

She never made it to the front porch, but not for lack of trying.  She just ran out of time.  I didn’t hear the signal for retreat but it must have happened shortly after two.  I went to check on the chickens and the tide seemed to recede with each step I took.

It was a 12.3 footer.  Not as high as Monday’s 12.6.  But that stormy west wind yesterday morning helped blow her shoreward.  In December there will be some 13-foot tides.  I wonder if we’ll be lucky enough to welcome them clear into downtown Oysterville.  It’s been a while since anyone rowed a skiff up Territory Road, but maybe we’ll get a chance next month.  If we can find a skiff…


  1. amelia wachsmuth

    wow that is one high tide! i can’t wait until i can come back up to oysterville!

  2. amelia wachsmuth

    wow that is one high tide! i hope to come up to Oysterville soon again!

    • sydney

      Hi Amelia!
      We can’t wait until you come back, either! You should see the rhodies that you worked on. They are already starting to leaf out. By Spring they should be looking pretty healthy again.
      If you get to choose, maybe you could come up here during the next high tide days. I think they are December 13, 14, and 15 and they could be even higher than the ones this week! It all depends on the weather. If it’s stormy with west winds, they should be huge; otherwise, still big but not as big.
      I hope everything is going well for you. Are you still going to school at home?


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