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Jan 8, 2017 | 1 comment

Frozen windshield in Oregon – KOIN Website

It looks as those we dodged a bullet weather-wise in Oysterville, at least for this go-‘round.  The snow forecast for yesterday at noon didn’t materialize.  Nor did the rain forecast for one o’clock.  But, it’s here now –dear old Oysterville rain, just in time to give me a proper shower bath when I go out to feed those chickens in a few minutes. Also, a typical duck-hunting day and I hear the pop pop of the guns down by the bay which must mean the season is on again.

January 8, 2017 at 9:00 a.m. on our porch

I know that there were lots of folks on the Peninsula really looking forward to a snow flurry or two.  I’m not sure if they got their wish or not.  On the other hand, some of the weekend visitors here in the village are keeping a weather eye (ahem!) out for road conditions before leaving for home in the Portland area.  It’s not looking too good on Hiway 30 (icy) and Hiway 26 is probably worse.

On our windows — raindrops!

Yesterday I talked to Kuzzin Kris who is now living in Eugene.  She said she has been housebound for six days – too bitterly cold to go out and the streets are icy sheets.  At the moment of our conversation, she said it was raining ice –“little frozen needles hammering at the windows.”Luckily for Kris (but unluckily for her friend Jennifer), she is housebound with company.  Jennifer came for a meditation meeting days ago but can’t get home because of the icy roads – I think it involves a long, steep driveway.  No doubt that story can be told by the multitudes…

Once again, I say it’s grand to be in Oysterville.  Even though our location can be definitely considered “in the outlying areas” – remember how the weatherman always used to say “colder in the outlying areas”? – it’s practically tropical by comparison to what’s happening to our north and south.  And, besides, when it does snow in Oysterville, it is glorious-to-the-max!!!  (Unless, of course, there’s an accompanying power outage.  That’s a whole different bucket of snowballs!)

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  1. Cindi

    Hi Sydney ! The weather inland is terrible!!! You or any of your friends should stay put and postpone any travel. Here in the Willamette Valley and North to Portland, things are a sheet of ice. We have had a “freezing rain sandwich” served up by Mother Nature. Yesterday began with freezing rain, which transitioned to an inch or two of powder snow for a couple of hours, then back to freezing rain to top it off. Oregon Department of Transportation required tire chains on Interstate 5. Accidents, cars slipping off of the road, and semi trucks jack-knifing were all too common. The thermometer stayed stubbornly stuck at 28 degrees in Eugene. This morning we are inching upward: 30 degrees at 9:30 a.m. and more freezing rain coming down. Hopefully it will warm up above freezing by dinner time. Consider yourself lucky with the rain…as they say “Nice weather for ducks !”


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