Let’s hear it for the brides!

Jun 2, 2020 | 0 comments

Oysterville Church, Aug. 18, 2019 – A Tucker Wachsmuth Photo

It is my pleasure — right now, my painful pleasure — to be the scheduler for weddings at the Oysterville Church.  Summer, of course, is usually our biggest “wedding season” but this year has been a bit different, to say the least.  As of a few days ago, we had two weddings scheduled for June, five for July, and one for August.

Gradually, bride by bride, the weddings are being postponed — one moved to September, one to November, and one to the summer of 2021!  I commend each of these women and their fiancés!  Moving the date of your wedding isn’t simply moving the date of your wedding.  In many cases, it’s changing your entire future!

Over the years, I’ve talked with brides who will be moving to new homes or new jobs after their wedding and I’ve spoken with brides and grooms who will be blending families, and with grooms who are in the service and will be marrying while on leave — wanting a church wedding no matter what.  There are stories and dreams and  sacrifices in every single wedding story that I hear.

Brigid and Bob with Officiant Barbara Bate, 2009

For brides to email me and say, “I guess we have no choice but to move our date” or “Thank you.  We’ll be in touch and please stay well!” tells me that, at least Oysterville-wise, we’ll be getting through all this with grace and with dreams for a better future solidly in place.

Who would ever have thought that it would be the brides and grooms who would have the good sense to look at our situation rationally and with concern and compassion.  I am SO impressed?  Bravo to all of them!


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