Let There Be Light!!

Jun 20, 2023 | 0 comments

My Grandmother’s Lamp

Oh how I wished my mother and my grandmother could have been with me this afternoon when I opened the door and saw the old light that Del had finished fixing today!  Never do I remember it looking so lovely.  I doubt that it ever did, even when it was newly electrified.  LEDs make all the difference — or so I am surmising.

I was off doing errands when Tucker and Del came over to finish up the job Del had begun last night.  I’m so sorry I missed the by-play between them — they talk a language that I almost understand and that always makes me laugh.  But, between the two of them, they seem to be able to fix almost anything — though Tucker concedes that Del is a better electrician.  I know for a fact that they both enjoy the challenge of figuring out why something won’t work properly and then finding (or inventing) a way to correct the situation!

Seeing the lamp all alight like this makes me wonder what  it looked like when it was lit by “gas” — or was it actually kerosene?  It must have been a softer light, perhaps showing off the hand-painted globe more gently.  But it couldn’t have been as spectacular as it is now!  Thanks, Del!  And Tucker, too!


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