Let the Celebration Begin!

Dec 30, 2015 | 1 comment

Camellia in DecemberDATELINE December 30, 2015: Lest you think from the date that the celebration I’m speaking of here has to do with the upcoming New Year, let me disabuse you of that thought right now. I’m talking about my birthday which is not until February 28th. And, as I see it, the hoopla has already begun!

That’s because the camellias just outside our East Room window have begun to bloom! Traditionally – at least for as long as my mother was living in Oysterville – she brought me the very first camellia blossoms of the season from that very bush. She always said that they bloomed just for me on my birthday! That is one of my fondest birthday memories, especially because birthdays were never a very big deal in our family. But the first camellias were, and I loved it that mom thought I should be the recipient.

Camellias-550x412So, imagine my surprise day before yesterday (which, in case you’ve lost track, was December 28th) when I took a winter wander through the garden and saw two bright pink blossoms in an otherwise green and brown landscape. Two months early! Let the fun begin, I say!

I know a number of people who come to a landmark birthday and decide to celebrate for the entire month or even for the entire year. Well, this coming birthday, my 80th, is destined to be one of the landmarkiest and I think it’s worth celebrating for a full fourteen months!! Beginning with those camellias! Whoo Hoo!

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