Last night we talked about ankles…

Oct 24, 2020 | 1 comment

A Good Listener

Most evenings she’s waiting for me in the garden when I go out to say “goodnight” to the chickens.  I stop a few feet from her and we chat for a bit.  It’s pretty much a one-sided conversation, although there is a lot of ear-twitching on her part.  Which might mean something.  Even something profound.  It’s hard to tell with Deer People.

At first I thought she was coming to check out those rock-hard pears that are thumping out of our old Bosc Pear Tree.  I’m pretty sure she still scarfs them up — there are none to be found on the grass but there are still lots on the tree so I’m crediting her with keeping the lawn vacuumed.

Checking for Pears

The first night she and I talked, I asked her to please help herself pear-wise, but to leave the roses and camellias alone.  I didn’t mention the apple tree or primroses or hydrangeas but she seems to be avoiding all the garden beds.  For now.  Hooray!

Last night I was asking her about her ankles.  I’m pretty sure she is young which may explain part of those shapely legs, but as far as I know, even elderly deer never need supp-hose.  Not like us ancient humans with our poor circulation and our salty snacks…  I asked her what her secret is.  So far, it’s still a secret.

Showing Off Those Lovely Legs

I also commented on her very shapely stick-like legs.  It must be that osteoporosis isn’t one of the curses of the Deer People.  Otherwise, in their bounding leaps over fences and other obstacles, those lower legs would snap like twigs.  She seemed pleased that I was complimenting her, but she had no advice for me.  Just another twitch of her left ear.

She was still there after I had tucked in the girls and was heading indoors.   I told her that I’m looking forward to continuing our conversation another evening.  She twitched again — most likely in agreement.


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  1. Michele Frace

    Such a fun blog to read. Her cousins hang out at our house.


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