Labor Day Weekend 2018

Jul 5, 2016 | 0 comments

Cousiin Barrett

Third Cousiin Four Times Removed, Barrett Gwinn

The  next Kearnes/Gwinn/Espy Reunion seems to be headed west for Oysterville!  Tentative Target Date: Labor Day Weekend 2018.   It’s possible that it will coincide and overlap with the with the 74th (I think) Annual Williams Reunion (which also includes Espys) traditionally held on Labor Day Sunday, sometimes in Oysterville, as well.  It could be the sinking of the little historic village on the bay!

Typically, the Kearnes/Gwinn/Espy group numbers 85 or miore!  The Williams could number about as many which would bring the total to about ten times the usual Oysterville population.  I’m not sure, though, if it will be the Red House Williams’ turn to host that year — they move around from place to place.  There are Williamses who live in nearly every Peninsula community from Ilwaco to Oysterville and take on the hosting duties by turns.

Marilyn with Harry ‘Buck’ Espy, Third Cousin Twice Removed

I talked with third cousine twice removed (maybe) Buck Espy about the possibikity today.  He’s my senior by three and a half years,  “Do you think we’ll still be around” I asked.

“Sure,” he answered.  “One way or another!”  I wasn’t sure just what that meant and decided I wouldn’t go there.  Instead, we laughed and promised that we’d try to get our kids to join the fun, too.  With two whole years to work on it, we might have a chance at success!



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