Keeping Up With Gordon

Jul 23, 2011 | 1 comment

Gordon, circa 1927

     Today is my friend Gordon’s eighty-fifth birthday.  Unbelievable!  What’s even more amazing is that his mother (who was twenty when he was born) is still going strong!  Great genes.
     I’m ten years younger than Gordon – well, nine and a half, but who’s counting – and our friend, Patty, is ten years younger than I am.  We all used to celebrate our birthdays together but we don’t do it very often any more.  Too old, I guess.
     We’ve known one another, Gordon and I, for more than half my life.  Sometimes I feel like we are soulmates – we like the same people and the same books, have the same sense of the ridiculous, and never turn down a good party.  And we seem to be ‘going south’ – in body if not in mind – at the same rate.
     About twenty years ago the four of us – Gordon and Roy, Nyel and I – went on a little jaunt down the Oregon Coast.  I remember stopping to pick them up and getting in the back seat with Gordon.
     “Look!” he said, holding up his arm.  “All of a sudden my arms have gone crepey!  Just you wait ten years.  It will happen to you, too.”
     And it did.  Right on schedule.
     He has been notifying me of the various dread-and-dires ever since.  And, he’s always right.  Exactly ten years later whatever-it-is happens to me.  And then ten years after me, it’s Patty’s turn.  We can count on it!
     So, Happy Birthday Dear Gordon!  I’m  right behind you!

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  1. Miker

    Gordon truly is an amazing gem, Sydney. I love my monthly lunches with him and our daily emails. And if I age like Gordon, I won’t mind the physical things like crepey arms. I say, “BRING “EM ON!” Happy Birthday to Gordon indeed.


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