It’s Sunday! It’s Show Time!

Mar 24, 2013 | 1 comment

Shoalwater Storytellers Poster 1981JPGToday promises to be equal parts work and play with all of it totally enjoyable.  This morning we have a rehearsal for Shoalwater Storytellers scheduled, and this afternoon we head south for a performance of the Columbia River Trio.  I suppose we’ll eat around the edges, but who cares?  It’s one of those food-for-the-soul days.

In the first place, our morning Shoalwater Storytellers responsibilities are totally advisory and directorial.  We are assisting in the transition from the two of us old ducks to the two new Storytellers, Dave Immel and Kitt Fleming.  The four of us meet most Sundays to review scripts, demonstrate the blocking, and talk motivation as Nyel and I gradually divest ourselves from participation.

You’d think that we’d have mixed emotions about extricating ourselves from the Storytellers group.  And, we do!  Joy and relief and anticipation are the main ones.  After more than thirty years of ‘telling’ the colorful stories of Pacific County’s past, we are delighted that the performances will continue.  We look forward to seeing new interpretations by fresh actors and to happily attending performances in a new role as attentive audience members.  Will we miss the stress and physicality of performing?  Not for a minute!

Columbia River TrioAnd, speaking of enjoying performances from in front of the curtain, we are full of anticipation regarding the Columbia River Trio’s 3:00 presentation at the Inn at Harbour Village in Ilwaco this afternoon.  The three – pianist Ron Thompson, violinist Jeffrey Reynolds, and cellist Andrew Emlen – did a House Concert here last Spring.

At that time, they were a trio plus Brooke Flood who was doing some vocals with them.  Their selections were a potpourri from classical to show tunes, and they had not yet settled on a name.  It was my impression that they were newly associated, but according to the article in the latest Coast Weekend, they formed in 2011.  Whenever it was, their presentation here last year was fabulous.  The audience loved them and we all hoped that they would continue their association.

According to their publicity, today’s selections will range from J.S. Bach to Astor Piazzola, including piano trio works by Haydn, Mendelssohn, Sibelius and Swedish composer Elfrida Andree. Admission at the door is $12.  We can’t wait.

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  1. Stephanie Frieze

    I love the arts scene on the Long Beach Peninsula! Have a sublime Sunday, Sydney!


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