It’s raining! Three Cheers!

Oct 15, 2014 | 0 comments

Rain Barrells on the Roof, 1915

Rain Barrells on the Roof, 1915

It’s raining and I’m glad. Not from any concerns about ‘needing’ it, although we probably do. I’m pleased about it for the same reason I would be pleased to see a good friend after an extended absence. I hadn’t even realized how much I’d been missing the gray skies and gentle pitter-patter these past few months.

I’ve been trying to think when it was that it last had rain. Real rain, I mean – the kind that settles in for a day or two and envelops us like a big, wet blanket. Not the kind that comes on a blue sky day when a heavy cloud decides to rid itself of its burden right on top of us. No, not that kind. And not the sideways kind that comes in with tree-tearing winds and makes it hard for our chickens to stay rooted in their run. Nope. I’m talking plain old rain – somewhere between drizzle and downpour.

Willapa Hills, 2010On Sunday at the Poetry Reading here, Bob Pyle mentioned being in our very library a few years back for a Willapa Hills concert. “I was sitting right here,” he said, “and I was watching the tears course down Ray Räihälä’s face as the Willapa Hills sang his song, ‘Rain.’ It was an extraordinary experience.”

I remember that concert and, of course, know the song. And Ray. But I wasn’t sitting in a place that I could see his response to the Willapa Hills’ great rendition of ‘Rain’. When I walked through the wet to feed the chickens this morning I thought about Bob’s remarks and about Ray’s wonderful song and about the Willapa Hills. And then I thought about all the connections and memories and music and laughter that are associated with rain. No wonder I’ve been missing it!

But… just now I went outside for a moment to say “goodbye” to our friend Linda who had been here helping us out for a day or two. And guess what. The rain has stopped. Damn!


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